Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How to stay warm in winter

Eat noodle soup. Chuck your spoon. Slurp the broth directly from the bowl, and let the steam warm your face.

Sip hot spiced wine. Eat dark chocolate with chillis.

Get up and dance in the living room. If you slide across the floor enough, you won’t even have to vacuum!

Laugh with friends. Laugh until your belly aches and your face muscles tire. Then laugh some more.

Wrap yourself in polarfleece pajamas. Grab a cat for your lap and a book for your brain.

Inhale hot tea.

Exhale on the window and draw smiley faces in the condensation your breath makes.

Sit by the fire. Sit by the radiator. Sit by the space heater. Stand over the oven while it’s on, and let the hot air puff your shirt like a balloon. Snuggle into a kotatsu:

Sing to the sounds your boots make in the snow.

Soak your body in warm water and your soul in warmth.


Receive gifts.

…from the sky…

…from the earth…

…from people…

I’d love to hear how YOU stay warm in winter…

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